Bath and Brushout

A bath and brushout of your cat's fur for a clean and soft coat. This service reduces shedding, allergies and knots, and can be added to all clip services. Nail clip is included.

From $100

*Surcharge may apply due to excess undercoat or fleas*

Blueberry Facial

Spa Treatment

A sensitive blueberry foaming lotion massaged under your cats eyes to reduce red tear stains.

This treatment can be given on its own or added to any other service.


Charcoal Scrub

Spa Treatment

A homemade charcoal scrub gently applied to your cat's skin and coat as an all over treatment to reduce dandruff and excess dirt. 

This treatment must be given with a bath.



Mud Shampoo

Spa Treatment

A homemade Moroccan Rhassoul Clay shampoo applied to your cat's skin and coat. This is perfect to assist with oil control, dry and sensitive skins, providing a nice shiny coat. 

This treatment must be added to a bath.



Deluxe Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment

This deluxe package includes the Blueberry Facial, Charcoal Scrub and Mud Shampoo for one pampered pet.

This package must be added to a bath service.