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Grooming Programs

Grooming Programs are a great way to ensure your cat/s are being well groomed throughout the year, while you save money!

There are many benefits of signing up to a grooming program including:

10-20% discount on all grooms. The more often you book the more you save!

10% discount on all treats sold at Check Meowt!

Appointments booked for the full year or 6 months at a time (you choose!). Meaning no more forgetting to book!

Easy monthly payments, making budgeting easier!

Easy drop off and pick up without the hassle of payments or re-booking.

First choice of appointments, get the time and day you prefer!

NOTE: You must attend one grooming appointment before signing up for the Grooming Program. This is to ensure your cat is able to be groomed and you are happy with my services. I will also be able to recommend a service and schedule best suited to you cat.

Smitten Kitten

The perfect introduction to grooming for kittens under six months of age.

In this program you will receive eight bath and brushouts. The first four must be booked every four weeks and the remaining four must be booked every four to six weeks.

The bath and brushout is a great way to introduce your new kitten to the grooming experience and desensitise him/her to bathing and brushing. This will not only prevent matting while your kitten goes through their coat change, from kitten to their adult coat, it will also reduce shedding around your house, reduce allergies and prevent overheating by removing excess undercoat.

This program also includes a brief lesson by me on how to manage your kittens coat at home, which grooming products I recommend and what grooming schedule I recommend in the future.

After completion of this program you can then move on to one of the other programs available, dependant on your grooming preferences.

NOTE: This program does not end once your kitten turns six months, however this program is only available for kittens six months or younger. For kittens over six months I recommend the Pretty Kitty Program.

$110* each grooming session with a 20% discount. Paid in monthly instalments over the course of the program.

*Price may be reduced depending on coat type and condition

Pretty Kitty Program

Perfect for clients who would like to keep their cat's coat but would like to reduce shedding around the home and prevent matting.

This program is available for Long Haired cat on a schedule of four to eight weekly or Short Haired cats on a schedule of four to twelve weekly.

Bath and Brushouts are the perfect way to keep your cat's coat length while preventing matting, reducing shedding, allergies and furballs, as well as keeping your cat cool by removing excess undercoat.

A bath must be included in this program. Brushouts without a bath are not as effective as the oils need to be removed from the coat to allow the excess undercoat to be brushed out easily and efficiently.

You may add a belly/bum clip to this program as a regular service (added to the monthly payments) or as an extra add on to be paid on the day of the appointment.

NOTE: Some short-haired breeds, such as Exotics Persians, will need to be added under the Long Haired category as they require four to eight weekly grooms.

$110 per grooming session. Paid in monthly instalments.

20% discount on 4-5 weekly grooms

15% discount on 6-7 weekly grooms

10% discount on 8-12 weekly grooms

Cool Cats Program

Perfect for clients who like to keep their cat's coat short throughout the year or over summer.

In this program you can choose to book four to twelve weekly appointments for the lion clip, with or without a bath.

The Lion Clip is a great way to avoid matting, reduce shedding and keep you cat cool over the warmer months.

I highly recommend a bath along with the clip, as this not only leaves a nicer finish, it also removes excess oil and dander build-up and reduces allergies. However this program can be purchased without the bath.

NOTE: Cats can be clipped throughout the year due to their double coats, if they are indoor cats. However for those who prefer to only clip during the warmer months, you must also purchase the Pretty Kitty or Cuddly Cats Programs during the cooler months to prevent matting and undercoat build-up.



$100 each groom without a bath

$140 each groom with a bath

Paid in monthly instalments over the course of the program


20% discount on 4-5 weekly grooms

15% discount on 6-7 weekly grooms

10% discount on 8-12 weekly grooms 

Cuddly Cats Program

Perfect for those who like the cuddly teddy bear look of the comb clip. Keeping a coat length of approximately one to two centimetres.

This program must be on a schedule of four to eight weekly, for compliant cats only.

Appointments will alternate between the full clip and the belly clip with a bath and brushout in order to maintain the coat between clips.

The Comb Clip is the perfect way to reduce the length of your cat's coat while still maintaining a fluffy style.

Comb Clips do not avoid matting or reduce shedding due to the length of coat remaining. Therefore the Comb Clip must be accompanied with a bath and brushout, in order to remove the excess undercoat and oils which reduces shedding, allergies, furballs and avoids matting.

NOTE: Comb Clips are not suitable for all cats or coat types. I recommend starting with a bath and brushout to determine whether your cat is suitable for this program.

$150 each Comb Clip

$140 each Bath and Brushout with belly clip

Paid in monthly instalments over the course of the program

20% Discount on 4-5 weekly grooms

15% Discount on 6-7 weekly grooms

10% Discount on 8-12 weekly grooms

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