Lion Clip

Short clip all over, leaving mane and a lion tail.

From $80 without a bath

From $120 with a bath

Alternate Lion Clip

Similar to a lion clip, short all over but without a mane and leaving the tail long.

From $80 without a bath

From $120 with a bath

Comb Clip

Longer length clip all over, with a bath and deshed.

Bath and deshed must be included for this style of clip.

From $130

Belly and Sanitary Clip

Belly and sanitary area clipped short to keep your cat knot free.

Can be included with a bath and brushout, or on its own.

From $40 without bath and brushout

From $120 with bath and brushout

Creative Clip

Anywhere your imagination may take you!!!
I love any chance to be creative so get in touch with your ideas and I'll be more than happy to help achieve your desired look! 

I can do anything from dinosaur clips and mohawks to carving shapes in your cats fur and even applying pet-safe hair chalks!

Price is dependant on the difficulty and amount of extra time spent on the creativity.



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Ballajura, 6066

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