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Hear what our happy clients have to say about Check Meowt Cat Grooming!

"I'm so Happy with how my cat came back. I really liked the greeting Bianca gave Kitten when we got there. She did part of the treatment because the cat was stressed, I loved that she just didn't carry on. Will definitely recommend and be back. Thank you so much Bianca."

- Lisa

"Very happy with the job Bianca has done for my cat, he is usually very timid and scared of people he doesnt know which had me worried but he was able to have a full clip and a bath with no dramas which is huge for him. Highly recommend Bianca as a groomer!"

- Matt

"Bianca was amazing with Smudge and although clipping isn't his favourite pastime, she was efficient and kind with him. He did so well and is a happy boy now he's home feeling fresher and lighter."

- Amy

"Cosmo is a regular who not only comes back calm and happy from each groom, he also smells wonderful. Bianca does a wonderful job on him and I can't be happier. I have had cats all my life, Cosmo being long haired he's the first I have had groomed but I can say regular grooms reduces furballs and hair around the house and on furniture. I cannot recommend Bianca and Check Meowt Cat Grooming more highly"

- Raelene

"Bianca did a great job on Cova..she looks great and even had a bath and her nails clipped
Thank you Bianca"

- Bente

"Took my two ragdolls there twice now. Not only was it very quick, but they both came out looking fabulous.
The lady is so lovely, caring and professional. You can tell she loves cats and they feel so at ease with her. They both came home happy, looking so good and with little extra Christmas bows too. 
So very very happy, I won't go anywhere else now. Love Check Meowt."
- Agnieszka

"Bianca is a very knowledgeable and professional cat groomer. She takes pride in her work and treats every animal like one of her own and her skills are at a very high standard. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a cat groomer as she is the very best!

- Emily

"Bianca did an amazing job with Mason - she was so efficient with the clipping and even did some scissor trims to make sure he left looking picture perfect. She did a great job keeping him calm too. Mason usually returns from the groomers embarrassed and scared, hiding for at least a day or two. This time he came home happy and acted himself straight away!"

- Hazel

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